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Quick & Cheap Boom Lighting

The first Labor Day weekend project is complete! This solves (at least somewhat) the problem of lighting at my nice workbench I made over a year ago. I’m pretty jealous of the lights in a dentist office that swings around on a boom, but I’m sure they cost a fortune. So here’s my copy using some cheap lumber, 1/4-20 bolts and scrounged material.

No need for plans or drawings, the first two segments coming from the clamp are 18″ and the last two are 12″. Pop a 1/4″ hole in each end, then paint it black. Out of my junk box was the clamp that conveniently holds a piece of metal rod. With a little modifying, two copper pipe clamps holds one end down ,while letting it rotate. Finally, the light source are two 1W Luxeon Star LEDs driven by a cheap little board off eBay and a 12V wall wart, also from the junk bin. A fender washer was used to hold the LEDs, that also had to be adapted. The ID was to small for the scrap section of threaded rod, until Mr. Tap came by.

Obviously there is room for improvement. I’ll probably pick up some springs and eyebolts to add some tension to the segments and eventually get some brighter or more LEDs down the road. The wiring solution isn’t too elegant either. Anyways, its many positions available should make it mighty useful.

-End Communication.

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