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Yay! My first real project where I set out to make something, other than to just get something working. At least for blogging purposes…

Anyways, this is an Etch A Sketch rip off, using a PIC 18F4580, Nokia 6100 LCD and two rotary encoders. Basically, this uses the previous post, and adds a second rotary encoder.   There are still a few bugs to work out, such as button functions and mysterious color inverting, but rudimentary control is there! Also, small icons can be drawn upon or corrupted, as the case may be.

More additions to this are on the way. A three axis accelerometer will eventually give it the shaky-shake clearing feature. I’ll have to make a few minor changes to it though so it’ll fit the bread board. Also, a clever menu scheme and image import option would prolly be pretty cool too.

Categories: 18FXXXX, microcontroller
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