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Long Time….

… and no post. Well, my class on Fuzzy Systems is over and I did GREAT and hopefully I’ll have some neat projects on that later (the final wasn’t so hot). You know, something useful like a lottery number predictor or a way to cheat at blackjack. Also, I was preparing my fort for winter and something else I forgot, so I’ve been kinda busy. Now that class is over, maybe I’ll improve the PIC-a-sketch or get the other larger LCD w/ a touch screen I got off eBay. Oh, and I’ll be unemployed between now and February, so I can’t wait to live it up on unemployment like I’ve been hearing about. Apparently, the captain of the pirate ship I serve aboard is scuttling the ship the owner didn’t pay bills/taxes/401k/loans and is being taken over by the bank/IRS. He must need a tax cut…

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