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Indoor Gardening Update – Window Setup Complete

Yay, after some prototypes and refinement, I’ve settled on an indoor growing setup. I can’t have plants in a conventional way because of the cat and me not watering them. So by encapsulating the dirt with a 2 liter bottle and adding electricity to keep my interest, I may just be able to keep something alive.

Well, nearly done...

During an unexpected trip to the hydro store this week, I picked up a water pump as the final component and set out to finish. Since nothing but weeds were growing from the original setup, I dumped everything from the containers and started fresh with what I learned. Which was:

  1. Gravel is needed for drainage.
  2. NO top soil.
  3. The black rubber seals break down quickly when exposed to light.
  4. Leak test each container before filling with dirt.
  5. If chemicals are used in the water, the reservoir needs a lid (caught the cat drinking from it).

To irrigate the plants, I sampled what the local home center had to offered. The adjustable drip fittings worked best along with a nine way manifold. The rest is tubing and fittings from the hardware store.

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