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CNC Update – Wire Protection Improv

Following the usual theme of budget building, I needed to find a way to keep the all the wiring mobile and out of harms way. Naturally any product specifically designed for this purpose  is expensive and not readily available. So I picked up a couple things from a big box home store for less than a saw buck and set to work.

Side shot of gantry, note the evil beast lurking in shadows.

Two sets of motor wire run through the black plastic stuff and sensors through old keyboard cord.

Two things caught my eye, the black plastic split loom for cars and the blue flexible electrical conduit. The first worked perfect for the two motor cables going to the gantry with a dollar store bungee cord. Another surplus stretchy cord carries the limit switches with a few wires to spare.

The most important feature being it's CHEEP.

The conduit was better suited for wires going to the Z axis due to its rigidness and gives a nice Borg feeling after painting flat black. Threaded ends were available that I used to connect to custom brackets, made from some plastic I had from a previous failed project. I picked up a variety of clamps for pipes and breaker boxes that came in bags of several a piece that also worked well.

Plastic is way easier to make stuff out of than metal, and looks nice too.

That pretty much completed the building phase and I’m on to making adjustments and tuning the motors. So far, the speed of the  two short axises top out around 40/45 ipm (inches per minute) and need to tweak the X to get it closer from the 35 ipm it’s doing now.

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