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Showcase Showdown – CNC Machine Limit Switches

While the shakedown of my Nimitz-class super CNC machine continues, here’s a look at how I rigged the limit switches. As a side note, shakedown refers to finding a way to keep the shaking down while moving the gantry, but more on that later.  I picked up plenty of  microswitches with rollers from eBay, just the cheap  Chinese variety. Then made more custom brackets from HDPE plastic I had lying around.

X axis limit switch, x2

The Rockcliff controller board was easy enough to connect to the microswitches, but required .1 uF cap to ground for the three axises and E-stop to cut down the noise. Each axis shares two microswitches at each end; the software sorts out which one by the direction it was traveling, supposedly.  For saftey’s sake, all the switches and E-stop are active high and use the normally closed side. This setup will prevent the machine from running if there is a wiring fault, like a wire break then crashing.

Y axis limit switct, x2 also.

I used two conductor, stranded and shielded cable for any wiring that was stationary and threaded through easily accessible hollow places. A stretchy surplus keyboard cord was used for the section that moved, as described in the previous post.

Z axis limit switch

The bottom had to be cut in half for clearance. Meh, 1 out of 6 ain't bad.

So, yeah. Now it’s all about getting the settings for the Mach3Mill software right and then on to preparing for the first cut. I’m thinking of rigging up a pen for the initial trials…

End Communication.

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