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CNC Update – Base Upgrade

As mentioned before, I needed to brace up the legs and give the machine better footings to try and reduce shaking. I decided to build something to connect the legs together closer to the ground to add mass and rigidness.

Went to town several times over with the paint and masking tape on this one.

The patio blocks were painted first since they were going indoors. Not only do they look nicer, but will only break my toes when I stub them, rather than also gashing the skin. Paint cans have been piling up so it seemed a good time to get rid of partials or any from previous occupants (the gold was an old can of car paint). Another reason could be just an excuse to do something outside for a change.

You can't fire a cannon from a canoe and you can't run a CNC mill on carpet with padding.

I built the frame from some 2x4s and did some more painting (prevents the cat from using as a scratching post). The outer supports were given a cautionary stripe motif, but by then I was burned out and looking towards assembly. The inner frame part slid in between the legs with some help from my friend, rubber mallet. Then bolted together with the outer supports using nuts, washers and salvaged threaded rod cut offs.

I'm thinking more patio blocks to put on the frame for more mass. And prolly more fancy painting...

Hopefully this improves performance or something. Instead of testing, I went for a bike ride into Detroit for a little reconnaissance and adventure.

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