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CNC Update – First Cut & Catastrophe

News everyone. Quite the excitement this morning seeing the CNC machine perform it’s first cut, then flake out and go slightly nuts. Lucky for me the stop button still worked and no harm was done. This happened while attempting to mill the table flat so I can mill real stuff.

Anyways, a couple things happened at once. The router turned off suddenly during a move, causing the motors to skip and the machine jammed slightly. I hit the emergency stop, got the router going and restarted the program, but the machine went off cutting in the wrong direction. Blast, now I’ll have to start over after re-zeroing. Also, my cheap-o pendant started having issues with Windows and was causing mayhem.

The black mark in the middle of the cut area was a missed screw that gave a little firework show on the first few passes.

So that was my first try at milling. I took out the tool from the router and let the entire program run, with no problems. When it was cutting though, it’s clear I’ll need a dust collection device ASAP. Right after I rebuild or rebuy the router…

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