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CNC Update – Router Teardown

The router shutting off for the split second while the CNC machine was moving started all the problems during the first cut, so that has to dealt with. A search for my Craftsman router model 315.17351 didn’t turn up much more than that it’s been discontinued, so no new parts. All I really need to do anyways is clean the switch and motor contacts; both bearings seemed fine. Taking it apart was easy enough by the two screws holding the cover and then popping out the two brush assemblies to reveal two more screws holding the motor assembly to the outer case. I was then able to clean the motor contacts with some scotch-bright and alcohol, along with the carbon brushes. The switch was cleaned and lubed with a small, expensive spray can of contact cleaner.

Mmmm.... shiney.

Putting it back together was the tricky part. The motor assembly was held inside the outer case with a plate and two pieces of metal, and I couldn’t see how they were positioned when together. A lot of tries and cursing finally solved it, so I took a picture and the peasants rejoiced. Yay.

Loosely assemble, then put inside cover.

The two blocks are angled on the ends so the top edges push out and lock inside matching ridges on the cover.  For orienting the blocks, the thru hole is oblong on the side touch the motor windings and broad flat side out.  The screws are only threaded to the plate to hold it on, and allows the whole assembly to slide inside the case. There is a notch and tab for alignment.

Almost all back together, with no extra pieces! Note which side the wire nut is on, because that's where it doesn't hit the spinning parts.

After tightening the screws, reroute the wire through the notches, press the switch in place and check to make sure the wire nuts aren’t rubbing ton the spinning part (mine was), then put the cover back on. A quick test seemed to show it was working better, I guess.

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