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Second Try & Abort

I took a second shot at planing the table on my DIY CNC machine, but had to abort after several passes. All the new systems were working well, new router, dust extractor and vacuum system, but a rouge nut and washer appeared on the far side of the table. Once the machine was stopped with the E-stop button I found the nuts holding the bottom Z-axis drive shaft bearing mount were vibrating off.

Nut coming loose from under side of Z-axis carriage. Whoops-a-doodle.

I added some lock washers to all six bolts on the bottom side of the Z-axis carriage to prevent that from happening again. I suppose I should start checking things like nuts coming loose before firing up to cut, so lesson learned. It was lucky the nut and washer fell off out of the way of the router and that I noticed it.

Ready for the third attempt to mill the table flat.

Actually, I needed to restart from the beginning of the program with an offset down to correct a step between the first and second attempts. This also let me check if the new cyclone dust extractor worked on the fine saw dust produced from cutting the MDF board. The shroud made from a CD spindle cover worked rather well for its first real test. I’ll think about adding some brushes around the perimeter later, but was satisfied at how well it controlled the dust cloud that I’ll continue without for now.

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