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Troubleshooting a CAN Circuit

I’ll bet the term troubleshooting came from someone who had trouble, then started shooting. At least that’s what I would do if I still lived in an area where I could shoot something (damn neighbors). I’ve been trying for weeks to get the K-Node circuit to work with any of my other CAN capable boards, with no avail. First, I thought the bus had too much noise, and used the oscilloscope to find a extra 60 Hz wave causing mayhem. This was removed without success and then thought a shitty clock signal was to blame. It only slightly was inhibiting communication (it only caused a few errors, but not enough to totally block the message).

Anyways, turns out the CAN transceiver was screwed up beyond use. The MCP2551 chip is very sensitive to whatever, and fries when either of the bus wires are disturbed. I should have known, but didn’t. The previous post outlines my attempt at clearing up any extra noise on the bus. Then thought it could have been an inaccurate clock to the microcontroller. I bought some nice 20Mhz oscillators and replaced the crystal/caps on both the SpartaNode and K-Node boards, without success.

So before I threw both circuits, the scope, and all the other equipment I have out the window, I replaced the MCP2551 IC. Of course it worked right away. Guh, I suppose the lesson here is to make sure the CAN bus wires are secured very, very well and to absotively, not-arino hot swap the wires. I’ll pretend it wasn’t all for waste since the random, mysterious communication errors don’t show up during testing. Now that I can send a message between the K-Node and SpartaNode, I can run the CAN bus through my house and really test the system.

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