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Dead Hacker Society – Dodge Bros.

Detroit is full of dead hackers that started the auto industry. The two Dodge brothers started their company in 1900 to supply parts to Olds and Ford, then started producing their own cars in 1914. They both died in 1920 from spanish flu and their widows sold the company in 1925 for $140million. If my sources are correct, that’s $1.74billion in 2010 money.

The tomb is an impressive Egyptian Revival that backs up to Millionaire’s Lake at Woodlawn Cemetary. The Night Train has a nice post here about the overall place; Detroit History Tour: Woodlawn Cemetery.

Both their widows lived more than 50 years and were big philanthropists. One of them is buried in the pink tomb next door. She was a big contributor to my alma mater Michigan State and donated her 1,400 acre estate as an extension campus, which became Oakland University. The other left money for a nice fountain in Hart Plaza(too far of a bike ride for a pic for now) and probably some other nice stuff too.

At least the sphinxes weren't hissing and charging at me like the geese. I've heard they're a menace to other bloggers.

So, I thought it might be nice to tie in my biking adventures with the blog. I’m a big fan of nerdly stuff like architecture and history as well as being that freak in a cemetery. I’ll be posting these things in the new Tour de Dork category as I continue exploring. The past few days I’ve been riding in the Palmer Park area, between 8 Mile and 6 Mile just west of Woodward. It’s a really nice neighborhood full of mansions, and everything you haven’t heard of Detroit. Unfortunately, exploration was halted at 6 Mile because of the suddenly large amount of glass on the street and number of burned houses (As a side note this is also where Eminem burned the house from his 8 Mile). There is still plenty to see, a rare and hot F.L Wright house has been spotted in the area as well as more dead hackers to visit.

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